Mary Marek – Teen Queen.

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Mary Marek – Teen Queen.

I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot with Lauren Marek’s little sister, Mary, for years & years. When I was talking to Lauren about visiting her hometown of Bellville, she asked if I wanted to do a shoot with Mary while I was down there. I jumped at the opportunity.

I remembered a photo Lauren took of her after she’d won Austin County Fair Queen, and I thought it’d be fun to do something similar. So the night before I left Fort Worth, I made a trip to the craft store to make her a gold wire crown, and a sash that read “TEEN QUEEN”. I got into Bellville a few hours earlier than expected, well before Lauren got off work, so I met up with Mary at her house, and talked with the middle Marek sister, Stephanie, while I waited for Mary to get ready.

We walked around the quaint town square, sweating profusely in the humid summer heat, taking pictures here and there. One lady came up and asked us, in a thick Southern accent, what a “Teen Queen” was.

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