Carra Sykes.

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Carra Sykes.

Carras Sykes is one rad chick. I had seen her work through Lauren Marek, and their adventures together. Carra is a talented photographer & graphic designer. You should check out her MOTHER + DAUGHTER series.

We met up around noon, on 6th Street in Austin, TX. We ate pizza and got to know each other, talking about photo gigs, design work, music, and the Marek sisters. Days before we met, I texted her “Purely hypothetical, but if I were to cover your face and arms with stickers for a portrait, what kind of sticks should they be? P.S. They don’t have rocketships or dinosaurs.” Luckily she said stars, because I already bought them. We set up my portable studio in the Commons at the 21st Street Co-op, and my friend Meredith helped me cover her in stickers.

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