Meredith McCarty – Pin Up

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Meredith McCarty – Pin Up

I met Meredith through my good friend Ivy Claire when I first stayed with her last year in Austin, TX. She’s an actress that lives at the 21st Street Co-op, not far from the University of Texas, and she rides a little blue moped everywhere. Each time I see her, she mentions how fun it would be to do a shoot together. This time I sent her some inspiration folders of shoots I wanted to do, and she was thrilled to do a shoot called “American Summer”.

My first night in town, we hit up several vintage stores, looking for a pin-up style swimsuit, but to no avail. She was so determined to make this happen, she spent the whole next day traveling from store to store on her moped, until she found this red & white striped one-piece. We drove to a place a fellow photographer had recommended, called “Secret Beach”. Oddly enough, all it took was one quick Google search to find directions. It wasn’t so much a beach as it was a riverbank. The weather was hot and muggy, but the water was cold and fresh. We listened to some southern soul, drank some glass bottle Cokes, and played in the water.

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