Water Pistols at Dawn.

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Water Pistols at Dawn.

For a long time I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot of a gentleman’s duel with water guns. I had trouble finding the right people for the shoot, but that’s when I realized my friends Bryan Greene & Ron Lechler would be perfect for the shoot, since they were the same height, and had a similar style / look. It wasn’t until they showed up for the shoot that I realized how similar they were. Both came wearing near identical outfits, both are filmmakers, and they’re both the funniest guys on twitter in Denton. As for the role of the girl these two guys were dueling over, I cast my girlfriend, Erin Summerlin.

We drove down to the huge empty lot on the west side of town, just as the sun was setting. Erin filled the water guns, while I prepped my camera, and the guys talked about how hard it is to find suits that fit. We only had 20 minutes to complete the shoot before it got too dark out, which was difficult, since we had to take photos, film a video, and film my first Vine video (which initially consisted entirely of cuss words as I struggled to figure the app out). But we got it done in time, throwing in some funny ideas along the way.

After the shoot, it turned out my car battery had died, and we all had to walk back to my apartment. On the way, we grabbed some booze, and played Cards Against Humanity for hours.

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