Rhiannon Woodward – Underwater.

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Rhiannon Woodward – Underwater.

My friend Rhiannon recently got the Lifeproof iPhone case for her birthday, and has been taking photos underwater. Naturally, I wanted to try it too. She came to my apartment in Denton, and after we bought some goggles, and picked up some props, we headed to the apartment’s pool during the hottest part of the day.

Turns out underwater photography is incredibly complicated for everyone involved. In order to get underwater and stay underwater, I had to grab onto a dumbbell I put at the bottom of the pool. It was so bright outside, I could hardly see the screen, so the composition was always off. Sometimes the phone would zoom in just as it went underwater, further messing up to the composition. And there were no controls for the camera phone. Not to mention how difficult it was for Rhiannon to pose underwater between breaths. There are just too many variables for a good underwater photo.

We did our best, and had fun though.

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