Meredith McCarty

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Meredith McCarty

Meredith took a bus up from Austin just for this shoot. She got into Dallas-Fort Worth around noon, had to take a taxi from the bus station to the train station, and take the train to the downtown station, where I met her. We explored around downtown, checking out the new Tarrant County College campus and the famous Water Gardens. Unfortunately that meant shooting at midday, which I haven’t done in years and years. Quite a trick finding a way to make the midday Texas summer sun look good.

After buying a pin-up style outfit at Forever 21, and chowing down on some food court grub, we hiked down into Inspiration Point for a good place to set off some smoke bombs. Each one only lasted about 30 seconds, which meant she had to experiment with as many poses as possible, as fast as possible. We ended up using a whole pack of smoke bombs. It was a blast. Once my eyes were stinging with sweat, we hiked back to the car and swung by my mom’s house for a few more photos and some air conditioning.

She only spent 5 hours in Fort Worth, and 8 hours on a bus to and from Austin, but we both think it was worth it for these photos.

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