Nicole Rosales – Breaking News

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Nicole Rosales – Breaking News

For as long as I’ve known Nicole, she’s wanted to be a reporter. And now that she has finally graduated and completed her internships, she got herself a job as a reporter out in Georgia. To celebrate, I wanted to do a shoot of her reporting silly things, like Godzilla attacks, killer robots, alien invasions, and a zombie apolcalypse. But I couldn’t figure out how to make that happen, so instead we tried to do a shoot that told the story of her exaggerating a little rainstorm into the storm of the century. Unfortunately with the sun going down fast, and us lacking a few essential props to tell the story, we decided to go back to my studio, and take pictures of her reacting to ridiculous things in hopes I’d figure out how to make it work.

What we did was google images to arrange in the background. I turned everything black & white, boosted the contrast, printed everything out on cardstock, used an x-acto knife to cute out each component, and tape them all together onto a sheet of paper, which I scanned in. So rather than looking like a cheesy Photoshop job, these handmade collages look just as childish and ridiculous as I hoped they’d be.

Hopefully in Georgia she won’t have to report on a real zombie apocalypse. But if she does, she’s prepared.


  1. Nicole, you are a smart young lady and I’m proud of you.

    I like how you expressions on your face fit with the pictures. Maybe you should think about acting next.

    Good Luck in Albany.

    From your Aunt Sandy.

  2. Nicole, I always enjoyed seeing pictures of you but these are a bit different from the others. None the less, there are interesting. However, I rather see you in person.
    Great job who ever posted them and thank you.
    Nicole keep following your dreams.
    Love you

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