Brooke Hoffman – Fuchsia.

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Brooke Hoffman – Fuchsia.

Brooke and I have followed each other on Instagram for months now, ever since she wanted to hire me to take her senior pictures. We came up with an idea for a shoot, where she would float in a bathtub, surrounded by colorful flowers. When I was scheduling shoots for Week of Models, I asked if she wanted to finally do that shoot. Unfortunately, she got a tattoo as soon as she turned 18, and it needed a few weeks to heal before going underwater. So I had to come up with a new idea, and fast.

The day of the shoot, my girlfriend and I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a couple garlands on sale, pulled all the flowers off, tied them to some string, and pinned them to the ceiling at my mom’s house. We took bets on whether or not my mom would say anything about the holes in the ceiling. Brooke showed up with her hair looking pink-er than I’d ever seen it, and wearing a nice new dress she bought just for the shoot. We shot in my room while listening to Bright Eyes.

My favorite part of the shoot was how the flowers spun in the air as the fan blew them. I recorded a little video of it, and turned it into my first ever cinemagraph. I hope to create a lot more of this gorgeous micromovies.

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