A message from Erin Summerlin.

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to be able to be writing this. I really never thought I would be able to collaborate with such a talented person, nor be able date him as well! Around this time last year, I had just gotten my first “real” camera, my Canon 5D Mark II. If you had told me then that I would begin to go into wedding photography, videography, and commercial work, I wouldn’t have believed you for a second. This past year has been a lot of hard work and learning. Thanks to Wesley, I’ve been able to grasp how to become a better photographer and videographer. He has challenged me in many ways, driving me nuts, but looking back I thank him for always wanting me to do better work. I really wouldn’t be who I am today without him in a million ways. After a few months of trying to get my own videography company off the ground, and market myself, I decided it would be best to merge with The Vision Beautiful and work together even closer. This decision has really comforted me, because I can truly trust my business partner. We’ve been discussing what we would like to change about The Vision Beautiful, and we realized we are on the same page about a lot of things, so that also has been exciting. I’ll still be doing some personal work on the side as always, but from now on we are officially a team, which means we can do bigger and better stuff with two heads instead of one.

Thank you truly,
Erin Summerlin

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