Week of Models – Arielle Engle.

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Week of Models – Arielle Engle.

Hello friends! This is Erin here with my own Week of Models challenge. I started the challenge on Tuesday, but am only posting the photos now due to technical difficulties with the website. Everything is back up and running now, so here are my photos from Tuesday with my good friend, Arielle Engle. I met her last year during auditions for Short Film Club when she walked in and I immediately blurted out, “I LOVE YOUR HAIR!” Ever since that moment we have been friends from working together on short films. This past year she has learned so much on set and is always the first person to volunteer to do something. I’ve also seen her grow as a person and gain more and more confidence. So in celebrating all of that, I wanted to capture her beauty for my first Week of Models photoshoot.

We wanted to do something fun, comfortable and flattering. So I decided to shoot in the TWU Greenhouse. Unfortunately there was little air flow and hundreds of mosquitoes, so in all of this we were sweating and getting eaten alive!!!! It was all worth it for the results.

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