Week of Models – Hannah Bishop.

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Week of Models – Hannah Bishop.

Hello everyone! Erin here once again. Today I’m bringing you photos that I took with my exceptionally beautiful roommate, Hannah Bishop. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but also (with much more depth) beautiful on the inside. She is one of the kindest people who I have had the pleasure to know, and she kindly accepted my wish to do a shoot with her. I had just run around to find all the flowers that I could and Wesley helped me fill our bathtub with water and wonder. I asked Hannah to wear her favorite dress and magic ensued as Hannah gracefully modeled in our tub. I honestly wasn’t trying to copy any Ophelia references at all, but merely knew that this was the perfect concept for Hannah. She had a hard time not falling asleep as I snapped all sorts of angles around her, and once we were done, this girl fell straight to sleep. Thank you to Hannah & Wesley for your help. I adore what we did.

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