Week of Models – Kathryn Lane.

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Week of Models – Kathryn Lane.

Hey y’all! I hope everyone has had an awesome weekend! Today I am sharing my pictures with my good, old friend, Kathryn Lane. Kathryn and I go all the way back to highschool. We have always been good friends but kind of drifted to our own worlds once we went off to college. Kathryn is an amazing singer, studying dance and theatre at the University of Texas in Austin. She has always had a heart of gold, and we both were so excited to A. finally and see each other again, and B. to do an awesome photo shoot. She knew exactly what she wanted in these photos, and that girl brought her best inner goddess (Beyoncé) out that sweaty Sunday. We had talked about doing this glamorous shoot drawing inspiration from so many different iconic girls, Marilyn and Emma Watson to name a few. This meant a lot of black and white, which I NEVER do, because I’m a very colorful person and channel that through my photos! However, these images are so stunning, color isn’t needed. I continue to get lost in the moments as I look at these. I’m just so proud of the person Kathryn is now. It was a very blessed time in Austin.


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