Rhiannon Woodward – Georgetown.

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Rhiannon Woodward – Georgetown.

During our trip to Austin, we stayed with our good friend Rhiannon, who we hadn’t seen in almost a year. She wanted to do a photoshoot at her sister’s sorority house in Georgetown (about a half hour north), because of its old wood floors, large windows, and general quaintness. During the drive, she filled us in on all the unbelievable details of her life that we had missed since the last time we hung out. One of my favorite things about Rhiannon is that she has had the most insane, challenging, exhausting things happen to her throughout her life, but she is always tough, cheerful, and resilient.

Throughout the entire shoot, Erin & I kept passing the camera back & forth, and adjusting the lighting for one another. It was one of the first times we worked equally on a shoot together. While she was snapping photos, I could adjust details with lighting, clothes, & props, and have time to think of new ideas for us to try. It gave me a new perspective on how well we can work as a team.

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