Week of Models V – Hannah Bishop.

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Week of Models V – Hannah Bishop.

Hannah Bishop is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. She’s a great listener, very enthusiastic about her family & friends, and also a very talented graphic designer. For her birthday I got her a Wacom tablet so that she could start translating her skills with pens & paints into digital creations. She’s scuh a quick learner that the first day she sat down to learn all the mysteries of drawing with a stylus, she was able to paint a very realistic human face.

Naturally for her shoot I wanted to incorporate some of her artistic abilities, so we did a simple studio shoot against a white wall so that she could draw in a background of her own design. Unfortunately we ran into some difficulties when we tried to combine the photos with her drawing program, and her inexperience with Photoshop and my inexperience with her tablet meant that we had to do this the old fashioned way.

I printed out her pictures and carefully cut her out of each photo, while she began crafting various backgrounds to go with each photo. She’s such a trooper that she stayed up most of the night working on her different designs, and I think they came out great!

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