Week of Models V – Erin Summerlin.

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Week of Models V – Erin Summerlin.

30 minutes before my balloon shoot with Kendall McCrae, she got called into work, and I had to scramble for a plan B. Luckily it was Erin’s day off, and I was planning on shooting her the next day. The only problem was I hadn’t talked with her about what we would do for our photoshoot. So we sat down at the kitchen table and started brainstorming ideas.

The last time I was at Hobby Lobby I noticed garlands of red flowers that were fairly cheap. Erin & I had done a shoot once before with Brooke Hoffman once before by hanging flowers from the ceiling, and figured it could work again with smaller more vibrant flowers. But since she didn’t have a red dress, we spent a couple hours driving around town on the hunt for a pretty red dress to match the flowers. Alas, in the dead of winter it is impossible to find a pretty red dress in Denton, so we settled for her fanciest dress, the navy lace dress she wore on our first date. That was fine with us, because we love red, white, and blue color schemes.

It took us considerably longer than we bargained for to hang up all those little flowers, but it was certainly worth it for how beautiful she looked surrounded by them. It was a long day, but we got it done. The challenge continues!

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