Week of Models V – Kendall McCrae.

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Week of Models V – Kendall McCrae.

I had seen photos of Kendall that some other Denton photographers had taken, and I wanted to shoot with her ever since. What better time than during a Week of Models challenge to start working with her?

During the New Year’s Eve party at the Pearl Palace, we filled the back room with balloons, and it was a blast to dance around and kick balloons everywhere. So much fun in fact that it seemed perfect for a studio shoot. I used several of the silver & gold balloons from the party that survived, and filled up 100 more white balloons to match her white dress. My cat did not appreciate it, since he’s terrified of balloons.

We had a good time wrangling balloons, tossing them around, and listening to 70’s music all the while. We finished the shoot by popping all 200 balloons.

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