Week of Models V – Katy.

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Week of Models V – Katy.

One of my models needed to cancel just a day before her shoot, which left me one model short from completing the challenge. Luckily when I posted to facebook about a shoot I had in mind, Katy saved the day by stepping in. I had only known Katy by seeing her up at school during my last semester, but she turned out to be the perfect model for this shoot. She wasn’t the least bit shy about being photographed in her underwear, her painting experience came in handy when discussing the best way to apply the paint, she had experience modeling before for her sister’s photography, and best yet, she was a gymnast for years.

Erin was a huge help on this shoot; applying the paint, helping with poses, and even taking several of the photos while I adjusted the lighting. I couldn’t have done it without her. I had this idea for a long, long time, and I’m so glad it worked out so well, and that I was able to complete my fifth Week of Models challenge on such a high note.

P.S. For future reference, finding the right white balance when mixing blacklight with very orange tungsten is nearly impossible. I wouldn’t recommend mixing such insane color temperatures.

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