Heather & JD’s Wedding.

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Heather & JD’s Wedding.

I was on my way back from a shoot, when I got Heather’s email, which was the most humorous email I’ve received from a bride-to-be. She told me they were planning on “using the infinite monkey theorem” when it came to wedding photography, by giving all their guests cameras, but she was worried they might not turn out great. Then she thought “maybe we could invite the People of Denton guy, and he might take a few good pictures?” Then she realized the best thing to do would be to hire me & Erin for real. And we were so glad they did!

Heather is a jewelry maker, or perhaps more accurately a metalsmith. JD is getting his PhD in poetry. They are a sweet, soft spoken couple, very interested in supporting the creative community in Denton, and said they wanted to “collaborate with local artists”. They had an intimate winter themed wedding, complete with a bagpiper, on a beautiful sunny day in December. Their ceremony was in the Little Chapel in the Woods, and their reception was at the Denton Women’s Club, just a few blocks away. Afterwards we got some drinks with them at West Oak Coffee Bar.

They’re a very sweet couple, and it was a fun wedding, full of friendly people. We’re so glad they asked us to capture their special day!

You can see all their photos and order prints at their online gallery.

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