Nickel – Behind The Scenes.

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Nickel – Behind The Scenes.

Amanda Reyes is a talented actress and a wonderful filmmaker. I’ve worked with her before on films like Juniper, Adeline, and Zombie In A Shed. For her last semester at the University of North Texas, she got into the Advanced Film class as a director, and chose for her final student film to tell the story of what her family goes through with her older brother in jail.

It’s a story very and dear to her heart, and I had given her feedback on some of her early drafts. When it came time for filming, she asked me to help out. We did several days of test shoots, filming a bulk of the story so that she could be sure she knew what every frame of the movie would ultimately look like. Principal photography lasted from February 6 – 8th, filming both in her childhood home, and locations on the UNT campus. It’s a touching, personal story that only scratches the surface of what inmate families go through, and I was happy to help Amanda tell her story.

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