Joseffa Trip – Headshots.

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Joseffa Trip – Headshots.

Joseffa Trip is one of my favorite actresses. Ever since she first auditioned for Short Film Club with a Meryl Streep monologue, I’ve been blown away by her range and passion. It’s fascinating to watch her become entirely different characters and occupy their mind. We’ve been working on a few projects lately, such as In All Honesty and Superherophobia.

When she asked me to take her headshots, I was delighted. My go-to hair & make-up artist Mallory Chokas dolled her up, and we ventured around the Denton Square looking for some nice neutral backgrounds with texture. She thought it was funny how when she’s acting she feels very comfortable in front of a camera, but when taking photos, she doesn’t know what to do or what face to make.

I’d say remember her face now, because you’re bound to see it again on the big screen someday.

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