Week of Models VI – Bailey Limmer as Crush.

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Week of Models VI – Bailey Limmer as Crush.

Bailey is a fantastic actress I’ve worked with several times on films like Zombie In A Shed and A Date With Death. When I asked her to participate in this Week of Models challenge (the character challenge), she said she wanted to be a comic book character. “I like how animated they are. They’re big and dramatic and a little goofy all in one character.” When I asked her what her superpower would be and why, she said, “Super strength because I’m not necessarily physically strong. I’m the small, weak person in real life. So if I were a super hero or villain, I feel like it would catch people off guard that this small person is so powerful.” She wanted an all red costume, with a name that could be a noun or verb, so I named her Crush.

Her good friend Simone wanted to join too, as a villain. She told me “I’ve always been interested in the dichotomy of good vs. evil, I love Faustian scenarios of Mephistopheles as he’s depicted as more of a charming and gentlemanly, yet still insidious, trickster. Maybe [my character] attacks less by force and more by mind-fuck?” So we came up with a villain named Wrath who uses telekinesis to control people and objects. For her costume, we were heavily inspired by Nancy from The Craft.

Mallory Chokas did an amazing job, as usual, creating a beautiful and unique aesthetic for their hair & make-up. We shot in Fort Worth, near the Echo Lake Incinerator, where Tarrant County keeps leftover supplies (highway barriers, utility poles, etc.) to make it look like a superhero training ground. This turned out to be one of the most Photoshop heavy shoots I’ve done, combining lots of different elements to pull off some of the effects. Hopefully when I have more time after Week of Models is over, I can go back and make some of the effects look even cooler.

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