Week of Models VI – Joseffa Trip as The Survivor.

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Week of Models VI – Joseffa Trip as The Survivor.

When I first spoke to Joseffa about being a part of Week of Models, she either wanted to be an elegant lady or a post-apocalyptic badass. Clearly the latter is much more fun. I had the perfect location too, an enormous abandoned Hypermart in Garland, where I was already planning a post-apocalyptic badass shoot with Amanda Reyes. As I was gathering inspiration for the shoot, I decided on having two tall male faceless scavengers hunting for people that Joseffa & Amanda would try and fight off. Then I realized that what would be more interesting would be for Joseffa & Amanda to battle each other, since they are both amazing actresses, and because they’re such good friends it be different to see them fight. I asked another favorite actor of mine, Will Branch, to play the strong, silent protector of Amanda’s playful psychopath character.

After lots of discussions with everyone involved and many thrift store visits, we found the perfect outfits for everyone. It took some work to get them looking appropriate for the apocalypse. I had to cut up everyone’s clothes, drag them through the mud, dye some clothes black, and paint skeletons on the scavengers. (It was definitely a dumb idea planning the shoot with the most post-production right before the shoot with the most pre-production). When it was all said & done, after Mallory Chokas did her magic for the girls’ hair & make-up, and everyone was in costume, it was without a doubt the most badass photoshoot I’ve ever done.

At the last minute I decided to change the location from the enormous Hypermart in Garland, where I had no idea if the cops would show up and what their reaction would be, to the abandoned meat packing plant in Fort Worth, a location I know very well and knew the cops weren’t likely to show up. Everyone had a blast exploring the main building, despite the heat. The whole shoot went fantastically well. I couldn’t have asked for better models / actors. It looked especially cool when we were getting the last shot of the day, the scavengers coming through a smoke cloud into the building, because once all the smoke bombs went off, it filled the first floor with an eerie green haze. You can see some behind the scenes photos on Instagram (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)

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