Week of Models VI – Kylie McLaughlin as Heidi.

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Week of Models VI – Kylie McLaughlin as Heidi.

I met Kylie in Short Film Club, where she has been a cinematographer and actress. When she reached out to me about participating in Week of Models, I was glad, because she has an interesting face, a great smile, and a unique look. When I asked her about her character, she said she wanted to be a girl named Heidi from the 70’s because “The 1970s is the decade I get most my fashion inspiration from and I would love to spend a day in head to toe vintage bliss.” And when I asked her about Heidi’s story, she said, “She follows popular bands from that time on tour, kinda rebellious and would lie and say she was a journalist to meet and interview musicians. Not in college but always busy with no real organized direction of where her life will go.”

To be honest, this is the closest I’ve come to failing a Week of Models challenge since my second challenge. We had a whole shoot planned out, but it relied heavily on finding a vintage car to complete the road trip vibe. Despite days of desperate searching, we couldn’t find one in time, so we tried to come up with a back-up plan, that also fell through, because we couldn’t get enough people together on such short notice. What we ended up going with is only a tiny fraction of the original idea. Once we got out to Inspiration Point in Fort Worth just at sunset, Jason Upshaw, the owner of Wandervan (Denton’s version of Uber), called and said he would be happy to lend us his van, and that he knows lots of people with lots of great cars. I was thrilled to hear it, but the news came just a couple hours short.

Kylie bought lots of great 70’s clothes for this shoot, most of which were too hot for the Texas heat, and we weren’t able to go as crazy 70’s with Kylie’s hair since Mallory wasn’t able to follow us on the shoot. So hopefully when the weather cools down we can try this shoot again, just as we imagined it, with a great vintage car and everything.

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