Week of Models VI – Christine Williams as Herself.

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Week of Models VI – Christine Williams as Herself.

I met Christine through Short Film Club, where she has constantly impressed me with her ability to learn new talents any time you ask her to do something. She’s a fun person to talk to and she loves to play characters, which is why I reached out to her about being involved in this particular Week of Models challenge. Unfortunately most of the characters she was interested in playing would have been expensive to put together properly, which is why I eventually asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She told me “I think I wanted to be a chef for a little bit, but then it’s been an actress/filmmaker ever since. I was a hopeless romantic as a kid so I always wanted to be the girl in any romantic movie too.”

That was all I needed to get the ball rolling on creating a concept for a shoot, to make her childhood dream come true of being a Hollywood actress starring in a romantic comedy. After coming up with a list of cheesy titles & taglines for romantic comedies, Christine & I liked “Blind Date” the best. For her co-star I asked Brian James Fozkos (who I just call Foz) to join us, because like Christine, he excels at everything he does. When I asked him to play a “goofy, but loveable blind character”, he said “Well, it’s a good thing I specialize in goofy, but loveable.”

For the film crew, I asked Joseffa to play the director, since she’s a fantastic actress and recently directed a nice little horror film, and Hayden Zaiser as the cinematographer, because he is a talented cameraman and eager filmmaker, and since we were one crew member short, I asked Mallory Chokas to pull double duty as our hair & make-up artist and a grip. I had to explain the idea for the shoot several times, saying “we’re fake filming a fake film for a real photoshoot”, which was naturally confusing since everyone involved are actual filmmakers using real equipment. We had a blast though, hanging out, goofing around, and capturing these over the top scenes. This was definitely one of the funner shoots I’ve done.


  1. This is my granddaughter and I am so pleased to see this. Thank you. She is so precious. You have fullfilled a dream for her.

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