Week of Models VI – Noah Legrand as Roy Hackman.

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Week of Models VI – Noah Legrand as Roy Hackman.

My last shoot for this challenge fell apart completely. First my location, then my hair & make-up artist, and finally one of the models. So we rescheduled the shoot for a day when we can do it like we envisioned it. To make matters worse, both my back-ups couldn’t make it. One was busy at work and the other was out of town. That’s when my good buddy Noah stepped in to save the day.

When I asked him what kind of character he wanted to play, he instantly said he wanted to a bombing comedian. “The thought of doing stand up is already terrifying, whether you win over the crowd or not. I think it’s not only brave to do stand up at all, but to do it badly is almost an art form in itself. There’s something beautiful about being a loser.” So we gathered up all the inspiration we could for silly visual gags, including lots of Buster Keaton photos, photos of famous comedians, and brainstorming what to do with some goofy props I already had.

We spent a good deal of the afternoon gathering and making props. Noah’s girlfriend Kylie was a big help drawing on the props and helping us create the effects. When Noah asked her to join us, he said “Hey, do you want to throw vegetables at me while I tell jokes?” Her response being “Do you even have to ask?”

While they’re not the greatest photos I’ve ever taken, the certainly were fun to create, and Noah was a lifesaver in helping me complete my sixth Week of Models challenge (the character challenge).

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