Erin & Wes Go West – Day 2.

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Erin & Wes Go West – Day 2.

For the second day of our trip, we left Las Cruces and headed southwest to make a quick stop at Tombstone, Arizona. I had been once before, and even though it was very touristy there was some pretty neat stuff to see. My favorite part of Tombstone was that there was a shooting gallery where you could shoot fake bullets out of a real six-shooter. Erin tried it and it freaked her out. It was her first time shooting a gun, and even though there was no kickback or hardly even a bang, she never wants to fire a gun again.

After that we rushed to Phoenix for an underwater shoot with my friend Rachael Koscica, who does some really cool underwater photography in the saltwater pool at her parent’s house. Rachael shoots with a Canon Powershot in a special underwater case and is incredibly good at holding her breath and staying at a fixed position underwater.

Erin & I were excited to get some tips from her on shooting underwater, because we’ve been preparing for an underwater music video with Claire Morales. We also couldn’t wait to get in the pool because Phoenix is unfathomably hot in the summer.

Afterwards we went to pick up another photography friend, Claudia Valdez, who took us to Hole In The Rock just in time to catch the sunset and get a great view of Phoenix.

Erin & I caught an amazing sunset at Hole in the Rock thanks to our friend Claudia Valdez. #erinandwesgowest

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It was such a fantastic sunset, because we could see a storm forming on the west end of town, the silhouette of the mountains on the south side of town, and all the city lights throughout Phoenix turn on one-by-one. While we were out there, I showed Claudia my broken glass contraption, which works wonderfully for sunset portraits.

Gorgeous sunset number two. Lucky to be here!!! Thanks to @claudiannette #erinandwesgowest #vscocam #vsco

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Below are some photos Claudia took. You can see more or her work at

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