“Wildest Dreams” by Claire Morales

Back in October we had the pleasure to film one of Claire Morales’ shows at Shipping & Receiving in Fort Worth, Texas. It was originally a class project for my film styles class, but this was just too good not to share with everyone. “Wildest Dreams” is a soft and energetic song with two very different sides. Claire’s voice is powerful and magical all through out while the band rocks out and pushes everything into a glorious rock and roll party. Alexander Hastings dance moves are the bomb right? (That’s the guy slaying away on the electric guitar). Ryan Williams (on bass) keeps everything groovy. Russ Connell (drums) never misses a beat, keeping the crowd pumped up.
Claire plans continue using this sound into her next record and I’m dying to hear more.

Thanks to Wesley for recording those close up shots on the side of the stage and to my roommate, Hannah Bishop, for helping me capture sound. This video came out way better than expected thanks to you guys! For the slow motion shots I recorded on a SONY FS100, provided by the University Of North Texas.

Claire plans on releasing this song on her next album, All That Wanting, that should be out later this year. The band will start recording that album in the Spring. We can’t wait to hear more!

For more updates on Claire’s shows, be sure to like her Facebook page.

Be sure to check out her latest album as well.

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