Claire Morales & Rachel Gollay – “Suzanne”.

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Claire Morales & Rachel Gollay – “Suzanne”.

Claire Morales is one of the most talented and hard working singer / songwriters in Denton, TX. Last year she released her first full length album, Amaranthine, a surprise Halloween album with Daniel Markham called Harmony in Hell, and began a covers project by collaborating with some of the best musicians in the Metroplex.

We first started working together by making a music video for her first cover in the project, “Strange” by Patsy Cline, as performed with Jena Pyle from Sundae Crush. Her second cover was “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra Lee Hazelwood, as performed with Dalton Kane from Chinaski the Fury. Her third cover was “All I Have to Do is Dream” by the Everly Brothers, as performed with Jena Pyle again, and Ariel Hartley from Pearl Earl. When she told me her next cover would be “Suzanne” by Leonard Cohen, as performed with Rachel Gollay from Gollay, I was excited to collaborate with her again, especially after listening to the song.

Claire & I imagined something light, flowery, and dreamy. The amazing hair & makeup artist, Mallory Chokas, always enjoys playing with goldleaf, so we came up with a sort of abstract ying-ying design of goldleaf on the pair. While Mallory was finishing their golden looks, I was in Claire’s front yard creating leaf crowns out of branches from bushes in her flower bed. We didn’t have much time to shoot, because Rachel had rushed over right after a show in Fort Worth, and the sun was going down fast. We got to my favorite secret forest location just after the sun had set below the treeline, leaving us 30 minutes of beautiful, soft, warm light, where we were able to capture these photos.

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