Amanda Reyes – Sunrise.

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Amanda Reyes – Sunrise.

My favorite actress / director, Amanda Reyes, was back in town for a screening of her short film Nickel at the Dallas International Film Festival. I had missed her so much ever since she moved out to New York for grad school to study directing at Feirstien in Brooklyn. The only time we were able to find together during our busy weekend was the crack of dawn on Saturday morning. She arrived to my house at first light, wearing a dress she’d bought the afternoon before specifically for her film’s screening. I drove us to my secret forest hideout, which I’d only ever photographed during sunsets. The sun worked perfectly with us, allowing beautiful soft light through the trees at first, then brilliantly warm rays.

I had brought my broken glass contraption for some interesting portraits, but one thing I hadn’t counted on was all the dew on the grass. After I put it together, I set it down on the grass in order to adjust my camera bag. When I picked it back up, I said “Oh no, it’s covered in dew.” Then immediately realized “It’s covered in dew! Now the light has more things to reflect on!” I ended up with far more bokeh than I had ever seen with the broken glass frame before. It was almost a distracting amount. By the time we finished shooting, both our shoes & clothes were drenched up to our knees from walking in so much dew. But we ended up with some really pretty photos, some she can hopefully use for more headshots.












You can learn more about Amanda by checking out her website,

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