Meredith McCarty

Meredith took a bus up from Austin just for this shoot. She got into Dallas-Fort Worth around noon, had to take a taxi from the bus station to the train station, and take the train to the downtown station, where I met her. We explored around downtown, checking out the new Tarrant County College campus and the famous Water Gardens. Unfortunately that meant shooting at midday, which I haven’t done in years and years. Quite a trick finding a way to make the midday Texas summer sun look good. After buying a pin-up style outfit at Forever 21, and chowing …

Karina Sanchez – Crayons.

We had a very fun troublemaker shoot planned, but it was raining just enough to prevent us from doing it. My last minute idea consisted of a simple studio shoot, printing out the pictures, and coloring them in with whatever doodles we could come up with. As we began coloring in the photos, my entire family showed up for a get together. I said hello to them, and apologized for still being busy. I had to get back to very important work. Coloring pictures.

Laura Cook – Colors.

I asked her to describe the shoot she wanted. “Mysterious” she said. I asked her for one more adjective. “Dangerous” was her reply. I set up a studio in my mom’s garage, and absolutely filled the room with fog. We played with lights & colors for an hour. The perfect way to kick off my third Week of Models challenge.

Rhiannon Woodward – Underwater.

My friend Rhiannon recently got the Lifeproof iPhone case for her birthday, and has been taking photos underwater. Naturally, I wanted to try it too. She came to my apartment in Denton, and after we bought some goggles, and picked up some props, we headed to the apartment’s pool during the hottest part of the day. Turns out underwater photography is incredibly complicated for everyone involved. In order to get underwater and stay underwater, I had to grab onto a dumbbell I put at the bottom of the pool. It was so bright outside, I could hardly see the screen, …

Laura & Emma – Fourth of July.

For the Fourth of July, Laura & I took Emma to the community pool near the zoo and tried to teach her to swim. She did not appreciate a mouthful of water, and couldn’t grasp the concept of paddling, so we played with her in the very, very shallow end of the pool. Afterward we went to my mom’s house so Emma could play on the playground. I pulled out some bubble machines and water guns from my car. We chased Emma around the yard, shooting her with water. She kept dropping her gun and retreating. That night, we took …

Water Pistols at Dawn.

For a long time I’ve wanted to do a photoshoot of a gentleman’s duel with water guns. I had trouble finding the right people for the shoot, but that’s when I realized my friends Bryan Greene & Ron Lechler would be perfect for the shoot, since they were the same height, and had a similar style / look. It wasn’t until they showed up for the shoot that I realized how similar they were. Both came wearing near identical outfits, both are filmmakers, and they’re both the funniest guys on twitter in Denton. As for the role of the girl …

Evie Marie Bishop.

Evie was familiar with my work (through flickr, I believe). When I was featured on as their featured photographer of the month of March, she discovered we both lived in Denton, TX. She messaged me about it, and I suggested we meet up. Months later we met up at the Denton Town Square, walked around, taking pictures, learning about each other’s photography & lives in Denton. It turns out she is a birth photographer, meaning she photographs women giving birth. Sounds a little gross and a lot strange, but they’re classy. She promises. Check out her work.

Krystal Roy.

On my second to last day in Austin, all my shoots had to reschedule, and all my friends had left town. I was stuck in a city I hated with nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to see. Late in the afternoon, Krystal came back into town early, and showed me around some of her favorite places; Mozart’s Cafe, EZ’s Brick Oven & Grill, Red Bud Trail, and Zilker Park, where we took these photos.

Meredith McCarty – Pin Up

I met Meredith through my good friend Ivy Claire when I first stayed with her last year in Austin, TX. She’s an actress that lives at the 21st Street Co-op, not far from the University of Texas, and she rides a little blue moped everywhere. Each time I see her, she mentions how fun it would be to do a shoot together. This time I sent her some inspiration folders of shoots I wanted to do, and she was thrilled to do a shoot called “American Summer”. My first night in town, we hit up several vintage stores, looking for …

Krystal Roy.

Krystal and I took a Social Entrepreneurship class together. She was the cute girl who sat in front of me, and always had something to say. When I first talked to her, she told me how she originally went to school as a jazz trumpet player (an instrument I’ve always wanted to learn). We got to know each other when I would walk her home after class, and she told me about how stressful being an interior design major can be. She graduated last month, and has been looking to start her career. I saw her in Austin, TX, her …